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Non-toxic Plants

This list contains plants that have not been reported as having systemic effects on the animals or as having intense effects on the gastrointestinal tract. Any plant material ingested by an animal (as when dogs and cats ingest yard grass) may produce signs of vomiting, depression, or diarrhea. These signs are generally mild and self-limiting and often do not require any treatment.



Bluebottle Carobinha Common garden canna

Achyranthes verschaffelti

Blushing bromeliad Carolina hemlock Common greenbrier

Acorn squash

Blunt leaf peperomia Carrion flower Common snapdragon

African violet

Bold sword fern Carrot flower Common staghorn fern


Boston fern Carrot fern Confederate jasmine

Aluminum plant

Bottlebrush Casaba melon Coolwort


Bottle Palm Cast Iron plant Copperlead

American rubber plant

Brazilian orchid Cat brier Copper rose

Anthericum comosum

Bride’s bonnet Cat ear Coral ardisia

Antirrhinum multiflorum

Bristly greenbrier Cattleya labiata Coral bells

Apple Leaf Croton

Brodiaea pulchella Celosia globosa Coral berry

Arabian gentian

Broom hickory Celosia plumosa Cornflower


Bullbrier Celosia spicata Crape myrtle

Artillery plant

Bur gourd Chamaedorean humilis Crataegus phaenopyrum

Aspidium falcatum

Burro’s tail Chaparral snapdragon Crataegus spp.


Buttercup squash Chenille plant Creeping charlie

Autumn olive

Butterfly squash Chestnut Creeping gloxinia

Baby rubber tree plant

Butterfly ginger Chicken-gizzard plant Creeping mahonia

Baby tears

Butterfly iris Chickens and hens Creeping pilea

Bachelors buttons

Butterfly orchid Chin-lao-shu Creeping rubus

Ball fern

Butterfly tulip China aster Creeping zinnia


Button fern China root Crepe myrtle

Bamboo palm

Caeroba Chinese plumbago Crimson bottlebush

Bamboo vine

Calathea insignis Chlorophytum bichetii Crimson cup


Calthea lancifolia Chlorophytum Crisped feather fern

Banana squash

California pitcher plant Chocolate soldier plant Crossandra

Begonia species

Callistemon bradyandrus Christmas dagger fern Cucumber

Belmore sentry palm

Callistemon viminalis Christmas orchid Cushon aloe

Big shellbark hickory

Callistemon citrinus Christmas palm Cushion moss


Calochortus nuttalli Cinnamon jasmine Cyrtudeira reptans

Bitter pecan

Camellia Cinquefoil Dainty


Canada hemlock Cirrhopetalum Dainty rabbits-foot fern

Black haw

Canary date palm Clearweed Dallas fern

Black hawthorn

Candle plant Cliff brake fern Dancing doll orchid

Blaspheme vine

Candycorn plant Club moss Davallia bullata mariessi


Canna lily Cocks comb Davallia trichomanoides

Blooming sally

Cantebury-bell Cocktail orchid Desert trumpet

Blue bead

Cape jasmine Collinia elegans Dichelostemma

Blue daisy

Cape primrose Color-band Cryptanthus Dichorisandra reginae

Blue echeveria

Carob Columnar cactus Dinteranthus vanzylii


Carob tree Common camellia Duffii fern

Blue-eyed daisy

Caroba Common catbrier Duffy fern

Dwarf date palm

Golden bells Kaempferis Minature fish tail

Dwarf feather fern

Golden lace orchid Kahali ginger Minature maranta

Dwarf palm

Golden shower orchid Kenilworth ivy Minature marble plant

Dwarf Rose-Stripe Star

Good luck palm Kentia palm Mistletoe cactus

Dwarf royal palm

Grape hyacinth Kenya palm Mockernut hickory

Dwarf whitman fern

Grape Ivy Kenya violet Mosaic plant

Earth star

Great willow herb Kharoub Mosiac vase

Easter cattleya

Green ripple peperomia King nut Moss agate

Easter daisy

Greenbrier King of the forest Moss campion

Easter lily cactus

Hagbrier King and queen fern Moss fern

Easter orchid

Hardy baby tears Kuang-yen- pa-hsieh Moss phlox

Edible banana

Hardy gloxinia Lace flower vine Moss rose

Elephant-Ear Begonia

Haws Lace orchid Mossy campion

Emerald ripple peperomia

Haws apple Ladies ear drops Mother fern

English hawthorn

Haworthia Lady lou Mother spleenwort

Epidendrum atropurpeum

Hawthorn Lady palm Mother of pearl plant

Epidendrum ibaguense

Hedgehog gourd Lagerstroemia indica Mountain camellia


Hellfetter Lance Pleumele Mountain grape

Episcia spp.

Hemlock tree Large Lady Palm Mulberry bush

False aralia

Hen and chickens fern Laurel-leaved greenbrier Mulberry tree

Fairy fountain

Hens and chickens Leather peperomia Musa paradisiaca

Fan tufted palm

Hickory Leng-fen tu’an Muscari armeniacum

Feather fern

Hindu rope plant Leopard lily Muscari spp.

Feathered amaranth

Holligold Leopard orchid Muskmellon

Fiery reed orchid

Holly fern Lesser snapdragon Narrow leafed pleomele

Fig leaf gourd

Hollyhock Lily of the valley orchid Natal plum

Figleaf palm

Honey locust Linden Neanthe bella palm

Fingernail plant

Honey plant Lipstick plant Nematanthus spp.

Fire weed

Honeydew melons Little zebra plant Neanthebella

Fish tail fern

Honeysuckle fuchsia Little fantasy peperomia Neoregelia

Flame african violet

Hookera pulchella Living rock cactus Nephrolepsis

Flame of the woods

Horse brier Living stones Nerve plant

Flame violet

Hoya carnosa ‘exotica’ Locust pods New silver and bronze

Florida butter-fly orchid

Hoya carnosa ‘krinkle’ Lou-lang-t’ou Night blooming cereus

Fluffy ruffles

Hoya carnosa ‘variegata’ Luther Odontoglossum spp.

Forster sentry palm

Hoya ‘Mauna Loa’ Madagascar jasmine Old man cactus

Fortunes palm

Hubbard squash Magnolia bush Old world orchid

Freckle face

Hypocyrta spp. Mahonia aquifolium Orange star

Friendship plant

Ice plant Malabar gourd Oregon grape


Imbricata sword fern Malaysian dracaema Ossifragi vase

Garden marigold

Irish moss Manila palm Paddys wig

Garden snapdragon

Iron cross begonia Mapleleaf begonia Painted lady

German violet

Iron tree Maranta Palm lily


Ivy peperomia Marbled fingernail Pampus grass

Ghost leafless orchid

Ivy-leaf peperomia Mariposa lily Panamiga

Ghost plant

Jackson brier Maroon Pansy orchid

Giant aster

Jacob’s ladder Mary-bud Paradise palm

Giant holly fern

Japanese aralia Measles plant Parlor palm

Giant white inch plant

Japanese holly fern Melons Parlor plant

Gibasis geniculata

Japanese moss Metallic peperomia Parsley fern

Globe thistle

Japanese pittosporum Metallic leaf begonia Peace begonia


Jasmine Mexican firecracker Peacock plant

Gold bloom

Jewel orchid Mexican rosettes Pearl plant

Gold-fish plant

Joseph’s coat Mexican snowballs Pearly dots

Golden aster

Jungle geranium Miniature date palm Peperomia fosteri

Peperomia hederifolia

Ribbon plant Tahitian bridal veil Whitman fern

Peperomia peltifolia

Roosevelt fern Tailed orchid Wild buckwheat

Peperomia rotundifolia

Royal velvet plant Tall feather fern Wild buckwheat

Peperomia sandersii

Rubber plant, baby Tall mahonia Wild hyacinth

Pepper face

Russian olive Teasel gourd Wild lantana

Persian violet

Saffron spike zebra Texas sage Wild sarsaparilla

Pheasant plant

Saint Bernards lily Thea japonica Wild strawberry

Piggy back plant

Sand lily Thimble cactus Willow herb

Pigmy date palm

Sand verbena Thorn apple Windmill palm


Satin pellionia Ti hu-ling Winter cattleya

Pignut hickory

Sawbrier Tiger orchid Withered snapdragon

Pilea microphylla

Scabious Toad spotted cactus Woolflower

Pilea mucosa

Scarborough lily Torch lily Yellow bloodleaf

Pink Brocade

Scarlet orchid Tous-les-mois Yellow-flowered gourd

Pink Pearl

Scarlet sage Trailing peperomia Yerba linda

Pink polka dot plant

Sego lily Tree cactus Zebra haworthia

Pink starlite

Shagbark hickory Tree gloxinia Zebra plant


Shan ku’ei-lai Tropical moss Zinnia sp.


Shellbark hickory True cantalope Zucchini squash

Plantanus orientalis

Shiny leaf smilax Tu fu-ling

Plantanus occidentalis

Shrimp cactus Tulip poplar

Platinum peperomia

Silver bell Tulip tree

Platycerium alicicorne

Silver berry Turban squash

Plumbago larpentiae

Silver heart Turf lily

Plush plant

Silver-leaf peperomia Umbrella plant

Polka dot plant

Silver nerve plant Urbinia agavoides

Polystichum falcatum

Silver pink vine Usambara violet

Pony tail

Silver star Variegated laurel

Porcelain flower

Silver table fern Variegated oval leaf peperomia

Pot marigold

Silver tree anamiga Variegated philodendron leaf peperomia

Prairie lily

Slender deutzia Variegated wandering jew

Prairie snowball

Small fruited hickory Variegated wax plant

Prayer plant

Smilax tamnoides vas hispida Velvet plant

Prickly bottlebrush

Speckled wood lily Venus fly trap

Prostrate coleus

Spice orchid Verona fern

Purple baby tears

Spider ivy Verona lace fern

Purple passion vine

Spider plant Vining peperomia

Purple waffle plant

Spotted laurel Violet slipper gloxinia

Purpleosier willow

Squarenut Waffle plant

Queen’s spiderwort

Squirrels foot fern Walking anthericum


Star jasmine Washington hawthorn

Queens spiderwort

Star lily Water hickory

Queensland arrowroot

Star plant Watermelon begonia

Rabbits foot fern

Star tulip Watermelon peperomia

Rainbow orchid

Star window plant Watermelon pilea

Red african violet

Strawberry Wax plant

red berried greenbrier

Striped blushing Wax rosette

red edge peperomia

Sugar pods Weeping bottlebrush

red hawthorne

Sulfur flower Weeping sergeant hemlock

red palm lily

Summer hyacinth Weisdornbluten

red veined prayer plant

Swedish ivy West indian gherkin

reed palm

Sweetheart hoya Western sword

resurrection lily

Sweetheart peperomia White ginger

rex begonia

Sweet william White edged swedish ivy


Sword fern White heart hickory