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PURPOSE: The VETPROF mailing list provide an electronic forum for veterinarians, physicians, and professionals in related fields to discuss topics of interest in veterinary medicine. VETPROF started in 1995 as the VETPLUS-L e-mail list.

Subscription is limited to clinicians and students in veterinary and human medicine, and to professionals in related veterinary fields. Technicians actively working under veterinary supervision are also welcome to participate

PRIVACY STATEMENT: The required application information is for the sole use of the list owners in determining qualifications for list membership. The list owners will keep individual information confidential. It will not be given out or sold to any entity.

New subscribers will be added to the list for a six month trial period. Membership beyond the first six months is contingent on paying an annual contribution to help us keep the list going, currently $25 US. For students and instances in which there is a true financial hardship, membership is free.

Detailed information is available in the FAQ frequently asked questions list.

DISCLAIMER: VETPROF is a private mailing list. In general, posts to the list are not edited, moderated, or checked for accuracy by any list owners. By joining the list and receiving messages, participants agree not to hold liable any list member or administrator for damages, including any resulting from participation in the forum. Participation includes but is not limited to receiving messages from the list, reading messages transmitted by the forum, sending messages to the forum, and making any contacts based upon information transmitted by the forum. The content of the forum is intended to be read only by medical professionals. No message or portion of any message can be re-distributed or given to any person not on the lists without the express consent of the person who posted the message. While we do our best to screen members for appropriate credentials to join our list, we still have seen the occasional anxious client or persistent vendor slip through, thus there is no assurance that list items won't end up off the list.

GUIDELINES: The list owners try to educate list members on the proper use of e-mail programs as needed. However, individuals who continually misdirect personal electronic mail responses or LISTSERV commands to the whole list may be removed. We ask that postings to the list be written so as to include hundreds of fellow veterinary professionals as recipients.

The list owners and moderators reserve the right to remove any list member from the forum at their discretion, without notice, at any time, for any reason

If you are interested in joining the forum, please email VETPROF managers for the URL of the application form. Sadly we have had to "hide" the form in the 21st century as spamming robots inundate us with fake applications full of porn site trash.

We look forward to welcoming you to the list.

Best regards,
Jeff Parke, DVM, MS
Allan Berger, DVM, PhD
email VETPROF managers (listowners)