The VETPLUS-L is a three year experiment in progress. Our goal has been to provide a free, controlled-access, professional veterinary discussion group exploiting the global internet communication network. We have been very pleased to see it evolve into an international community of veterinary professionals. We strive to provide a simple access to subscribers via plain-text, english-language, email messages - the common denominator of the myriad of internet services available. No special codes or software are needed, and the vast majority of the subscribers enjoy the list free of cost. We have found it to be a tremendous amount of work. We are very grateful that the list subscribers have been accepting of our plan to provide voluntary finanacial support to help underwrite the time we invest in this project.

The VETPLUS-L co-administrators

Allan Berger, DVM, PhD Iowa City, IA

Jeff Parke, DVM, MS Seattle, WA

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