Poster, Presented at the AVMA
Baltimore Meeting in June, 1998

Communication is a great challenge to veterinary practitioners. The small business nature of veterinary practice can isolate individual practitioners from daily professional discussions. Expansion of the internet internationally in the last five years has brought the least common denominator of electronic communications - e-mail - to most corners of the globe. What was needed was an inexpensive, virtual electronic meeting room reserved only for veterinary professionals. VETPLUS-L is a closed, free, e-mail list of 1400+ veterinarians and veterinary technicians, educators, researchers, and students. The figures highlight some of the unique characteristics of this e-mail list:

Figure 1. Careful screening of list subscribers. We limit participants to veterinary and human medical professionals.

Figure 2. Web-based application screens for appropriate membership criteria. This ensures a complete, consistent, and convenient way to ensure subscribers are qualified and informed about the nature of the list.

Figure 3. International involvement of grass-roots practitioners, academicians, and ancillary personnel.

Figure 4. Utility of VETPLUS-L messages. List content provides topical information about the practice of veterinary medicine. Over the past three years, the list has built a large archive of veterinary information.

Figure 5. Comments from our subscribers.

Figure 6. The VETPLUS-L is self supporting. After two years of voluntary support by Drs. Allan Berger and Jeff Parke, there are now three corporate sponsors and 270+ list subscribers contributing financially to maintain the list.


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