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Administrative support for the list:

The "Sponsor's Page" shows the people who have supported us.

Evolution of a self-supported veterinary e-mail list - the National Public Radio model.

June 1995
Out of continued acrimonious discussions on other “open” internet email lists, VETPLUS-L was born as a “safe” place for professionals to speak one-to-one with each other. Given its name by physician Albert Pizzo, the list was set up by Jeff Parke, DVM and Allan Berger, DVM on computers at the University of Washington in Seattle.

July 1995 - June 1997
Drs. Berger and Parke take weekly turns at running the list. The list grows phenomenally, to nearly 1000 subscribers by June of 1997. Over these first two years, Drs. Parke and Berger estimate approximately 2000 hours of cumulative effort involved setting up and maintaining the list.

June 1997-August 1997
List discussion of how to keep the list free and open, while providing some compensation to the managers of the list. It is decided to solicit commercial sponsors of the administrators.

August 1997 - December 1997
Sponsors are solicited. After many more hours of work, two sponsors come forward to help out. A third sponsor comes emerges in late Spring of 1998.

January 1998-March 2000
List subscribers themselves are polled if they would help sponsor the list administrators. As of July 1998, approximate 270 subscribers of the VETPLUS-L had voluntarily contributed to Jeff Parke's and Allan Berger's efforts to maintain the list. Jeff and Allan are able to tell their wives all the time spent on the computer is paying about what they could get for flipping hamburgers. Note, as of June of 2000, we are pleased that over 370 subscribers financially support the list.

March 2000-present
The list was split into two sub-lists with identical content, running under LISTSERV software. Sponsors are on the VETPROF list on a paid hosting service. Those enjoying free subscriptions are on the VETPLUS list which is on a free listserv service.

This chart shows the level of support we received through July, 1998.

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