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Comments From Subscribers

Comments from List Subscribers.

To keep it short: thank-you for this fantastic service...this list is great, especially for a single-man rural practitioner like me.

...I have truly enjoyed the list even though most of the topics don't pertain to my current job as Swine Research Tech...I need to keep up with small animal vet med, but have found myself deleting most of the messages for the past month or so now. ... I'll probably join up again later this summer or in the fall if time allows. Keep up the good work. The list seems to be becoming an invaluable source of information for many practitioners.

Thank you one and all for your opinions on the overweight, pot bellied, PU/PD, labrador retriever with the bad coat and elevated Alk Phos, ALT and cholesterol.
Summary of responses: Looks like Cushing's to me. Get an ACTH response.
OK, OK, I'm running it today!…many of the responses were very educational, all were helpful.

Here at the TAMU Medical Sciences Library...VETPLUS-L has been an invaluable resource for us. We have used cases discussed on Vetplus as examples; because they are “real” not hypothetical, the students are much more interested and involved in them. Looking for information in the library familiarizes them with the literature. Searching the Web shows them what their future clients are finding and reading. VETPLUS has been a window into the real world of veterinary practice.

I think interacting with colleagues is one of the best educational resources available. From the standpoint of practicality, generating interest, and retention of information, the most dynamic lecturer cannot compete with a discussion among veterinarians over a challenging case. I view the primary function of Vetplus-L as providing a platform for members of the veterinary community to interact.

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