Figure 1

Qualification Requirements for VETPLUS-L Subscribers

Figure 1. Qualification requirements for VETPLUS-L Subscribers

In order to avoid many of the problems apparent on VETMED-L in the mid-1990s, we set out an objective list of desired subscribers for the VETPLUS-L list. We sought a more professional discussion forum, with the ability to control the occupational make-up of the list.

Panel A shows the occupations we formally included when considering rules for list subscribership.

Panel B shows the requirements for joining the VETPLUS-L e-mail list.

A. We sought to attract a diverse group of veterinary professionals to the list. In particular, we targeted people who were not well served by the then-current commercial veterinary information services. Large groups included in these categories were academic veterinarians who had e-mail access unrelated to a commercial internet service provider (ISP), and foreigners who may not have been offered service through a U.S.-based ISP.

Veterinarians in Clinical PracticePet Owners Seeking Advice
Veterinarians in Academia and ResearchAnimal Breeders
Veterinary StudentsPre-Veterinary Students
Actively Supervised Veteriary TechniciansFree-lance writers not professionally educated
Human Medical Physicians
Biomedical Researchers Studying Animal Diseases
Dental Specialists

B. Qualification Requirements for Joining the List

  • DVM or equivalent degree
  • Licensed Veterinary Technicians
  • Veterinary Technicians who demonstrate current employment in the veterinary field
  • Veterinary Students
  • PharmD degree
  • MD or equivalent degree
  • PhD or MS degree with a publication history demonstrating biomedical research
  • DDS or equivalent degree

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