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We are a large group of veterinary professionals from all over the world.
Subscription to the VETPROF list is restricted to veterinary professionals.
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about the VETPROF list
The following pages explain the forum (''The List'') and how to join:
oList Charter: objectives, guidelines
oFAQ - important link! If you have questions about the list, or need help issuing list commands, it's the first place to check!
oSubscribe to the list using the on-line application form
oContact : Please read the FAQ first. If you still have questions, e-mail us : email VETPROF managers
  Jeff Parke is the list's manager.
VETPROF sponsorship

VETPROF exists thanks to the support members and veterinary commercial interests have provided over the years.

We no longer have commercial sponsorship and the list is maintained soley by means of the contributions of individual members.

oIndividual Sponsorship provides for long-term access to the VETPROF list.
VETPROF members-only
For our VETPROF Individual Sponsors
o Search the List Archives: Access to 15+ years' of list discussions
oPreferences: Click to edit your personalized list-mail settings
list goodies
contributed by members in the past
oInformation Sheets containing valuable sources of information on pets and veterinary medicine

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